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Contact Information

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Building Contact Information

2012-2013 School Year


High School: 

Coordinator - Building Administrator:

     A. Wahl (Asst. Principal) awahl@williamsoncentral.org



School Psychologist

     L. Prescott lprescott@williamsoncentral.org


Building  RTI Facilitator

     J. Craft jcraft@williamsoncentral.org



Middle School:

Coordinator - Building Administrator

     John Fulmer (Principal) jfulmer@williamsoncentral.org

     Kate Taylor (Asst. Principal) ktaylor@williamsoncentral.org



School Psychologist

     C. Wing cwing@williamsoncentral.org


 Building  RTI Facilitator

     K. Hoody khoody@williamsoncentral.org

     N. Caraveo ncaraveo@williamsoncentral.org




Elementary School:

Coordinator - Building Administrator

    E. Saxby (Principal) esaxby2@williamsoncentral.org



School Psychologist

     M. Seniuk mseniuk@williamsoncentral.org


Building  RTI Facilitators

    B. Tomeno btomeno@williamsoncentral.org

   C. Graves cgraves@williamsoncentral.org




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